Hannah Vincent meets Clayton Kershaw- July 28

dodger game 025Hannah Vincent was at a bonfire with friends when someone through a can of spray confetti into the fire. Hannah was injured when the can exploded. It’s been a long road to recovery and continues to be. For a class assignment to write a self-portrait in the third person, Hannah wrote about her journey to heal and the motivation to pick up the pieces and get her life back on track. Like other teens, she loves Facebook and instagram, and is passionate about playing volleyball and the piano. She also stated that she loves Dodger baseball and wanted to someday meet Clayton Kershaw. What she didn’t know is that her teacher, Grace Hinojosa, sent a copy of her paper to the Dodgers.

After reading Hannah’s paper, Clayton wanted to meet Hannah and welcomed her and her famliy to the game on July 28. A dream come true for Hannah and a moment in time that now is an experience that brings brightness to the dark days.

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