Dodgers Host Oscar from Jessie Rees Foundation/NEGU – Aug. 31

On August 31, Oscar and his family were invited to the Dodger game for a day out. Nick Punto and Skip Schumaker greeted Oscar and took him and his brother into the batting cage and introduced them to many teammates. Then Oscar and his brother went the field to watch batting practice up close and personal. Oscar’s mom and dad were just as excited as Oscar as the family are all huge fans. A day out for a young child is not always just about a moment for the child, it’s about bringing happiness and distraction for the parents and siblings as well.

The Jessie Rees Foundation was inspired by 12 year old Jessie Rees during her 10 month fight with two brain tumors. During Jessie’s courageous fight she choose to help other kids fighting cancer by sending them her fun filled JoyJars and encouraging them to Never Ever Give Up! Jessie personally was able to send over 3,000 of her JoyJars to other kids during her fighting. Jessie lost her fight on January 5, 2012 but left behind a massive wave of compassion and a legacy of love. As of September 2013 the Jessie Rees Foundation has reached over 70,000 children in all 50 states and 18 countries. Punto and Schumaker and their wives volunteer their time regularly for NEGU.




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